GI Brides – the US book tour

From 2nd to 16th September, Duncan and Nuala will be back in the United States, celebrating the release of the US edition of GI Brides. You can catch them at the following locations, where they will be speaking about the 60-odd war brides they interviewed during their research, and signing copies of the book:

2pm, 6 Sept – Saint Paul, MN: Merriam Park Library

7pm, 8 Sept – Chicago, IL: Anderson Books

6.30pm, 10 Sept – Akron, OH: Akron-Summit County Public Library

7pm, 11 Sept – Cincinnati, OH: Joseph-Beth bookstore

3pm, 12 Sept – Pittsburgh, PA: McKeesport Heritage Centre

2pm, 13 Sept – Baltimore, MD: Roland Park Library

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  1. My mother was a war bride. Her first husband with the British 1st, was killed in North Africa in 1943. Her 2nd husband was my dad who served in the mighty eighth at chelveston, northamptonshire. My mom was then living with her parents in stanwick. They met at a dance in the British legion hall in Stanwick.
    My brother nearly died on the Atlantic crossing on the SS hudleston. Both my brother and I were rushed to the hospital in nyc.
    We settled in with my grandparents in Crosby, minnesota.
    My mom said that my grandmother was very mean to her.
    We moved into a house my dad built just north of wayzata, mn. It had no water, no central heating. My mom many times said if she knew what was would be in for, she’d never have left her beloved england. Throughout her lifetime, she maintained a love for her country and queen and maintained a room filled with english memorabilia. Mom made the journey back to her homeland several times. She belonged to tbpa and had a steadfast group with other english war brides. They and their families were our extended family. I feel blessed to know them.